Blogs & General Information - This website chronicles the changes in Watchtower doctrine over the past century, and telling the stories of some leading activists and thinkers. - Aimed at innoculating members of the public against Watchtower indoctrination. - A journalistic JW website dedicated to exposing scandals and generally unknown facts about the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses. This site delves deep and offers personal testimonies from JW's at various stages of their roads to awakening.
ExJW Quiet Activism -  A personal blog providing support to those persons who have left the controlling Jehovah's Witness religion or who are trying to break free from the religion and are facing difficult choices. - An informative website with a variety of contributors that approaches Watchtower teachings from a critical viewpoint. Includes some personal experiences.
Jeffro's 607 pages - Jeffro exposes the flaws in the Watch Tower Society's attempts to link 607 BCE with biblical chronology.
Jehovah's Witness Report - A website aiming to offer articles on the latest JW developments.
Jehovah's Witnesses: A History - Dr Jayne Persian, a student of Watchtower history, relives moments in the organization’s past through her blog.
JW Facepalm - A blog that hopes to be “somewhat of an Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses for Dummies.
JW Stories - The brainchild of YouTuber Louise Goode, this website aims at bringing together the experiences of those whose lives have been affected by Watchtower.
Pretty Ex-Jehovah's Witness Girl - Blog that features excellent writing that describes life after leaving the Watchtower organization.  
TAZE - Dedicated to the coverage of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Cult news, lifestyle and entertainment from an “apostate” perspective. It is the follow-up project to JW Alumni and is run by Misha Anouk.
The Watchtower Files - Doug Shields was a Jehovah's Witness for 33 years before leaving and being shunned by family and friends. He now runs this interesting and well-presented blog.
The Watchtower Study - A collection of essays on various Watchtower teachings. - A news-oriented website with a variety of seasoned contributors while keeping abreast of the latest developments in the JW universe. - A simple website offering resources for those with nagging doubts about the organization.

Documents & Research

JW Facts - This is arguably the foremost site if you are seeking a comprehensive and objective rundown of ALL of Watchtower’s more questionable teachings and practices. The articles are well-researched and offer a balanced and logical perspective.
JW Files - Offering a forensic analysis of Watchtower teachings. 
JW Leaks - This site goes straight for the jugular with damning documented evidence of Watchtower’s legal entanglements.
JW Survey - Possibly the most popular site on the web for the ex-JW movement and home to the survey for ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. Spearheaded by Lloyd Evans, this site contains a comprehensive collection of videos and links to other sites focusing on the ex-JW movement. 
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual AbuseAustralian organization who investigated, and brought into light, the Watchtower's refusal to report sexual abuse within its organization to authorities.
Watchtower Documents LLC - Barbara Anderson’s amazing resource for learning the real history of the Watchtower, with reams of documents, newspaper clippings, and old Watchtower publications available for download. Barbara is a former Brooklyn HQ writer and researcher.
Watchtower Society QuotesQuotes taken from Watchtower literature listed by topic in alphabetical order.
WTArchive - A website offering a number of rare Russell/Rutherford-era documents and publications in PDF form.

Ex-JW forums and support

Ex Jehovah's Witnesses of Los Angeles - If you’re fresh out of indoctrination, and you happen to live in or near Los Angeles, Cynthia Hampton and her friends would love to hear from you.
Ex-Jehovah's Witness Forum and Recovery Site - A Ex-JW forum with over 3,500 members and an emphasis on support and recovery.
Ex-Jehovah's Witness Meetup Groups - A website offering ex-JWs the opportunity to arrange meet-ups in person. So far there are more than 35 groups representing three countries, namely the USA, the UK and Canada.
Ex-Jehovah's Witness Recovery Group 3 - The largest and best-moderated ex-JW Facebook group, with over 6,000 members. (WARNING: Please make sure you post under a pseudonym or fake account if you are concerned about your privacy.) - One of the largest and longest-running ex-JW forums.
The Broad Road - An Ex-JW social network and meet-up community that prefers logical debate over religious evangelism.
The Ex-JW Reddit Community - A mixed bag of JW-related subjects are discussed on the popular social news and entertainment website.

Ex-JW sites: Legal

Jehovah's Witness Experts - A website offering legal services to former Jehovah’s Witnesses, particularly those fighting child custody battles.
JW Child Custody - JWCC assist with cases regarding custody and various legal issues involving Jehovah’s Witnesses.

JW-related books and authors

Anthony Mathenia - “Paradise Earth: Day Zero” is an intriguing debut novel in which he explores what life would be like for an Armageddon survivor.
Brenda Lee - “Out of the Cocoon” is a remarkable story about how a single visit from two seemingly “nice” strangers nearly cost her everything, including her life.
Brianna Karp - “A Girl’s Guide To Homelessness” tells her story as a girl raised a Witness who found herself homeless partly due to the Watchtower Society’s rules on shunning.
Don Cameron - This is the website for the well-known book “Captives of a Concept,” which overwhelmingly dismantles the Watchtower Society’s much-vaunted doctrine of the Faithful and Discreet Slave.
Joanna Foreman - “The Know-It-All Girl” chronicles the author's journey as a woman escaping the influence of the Watchtower Society. 
Richard E Kelly - The official web page of the author of “Growing Up in Mama’s Club” and “The Ghosts From Mama’s Club.”
Steve Hassan - A Cult expert and former Moonie. His website features books and materials that can be used to help loved ones escape the clutches of mind control techniques.

JW-related organizations

Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses - AAWA is a not-for-profit organization that aims to draw attention to the most harmful teachings and practices of the Watch Tower Society. It also offers support to victims of mind control and emotional abuse.

Official Watchtower-approved pages - The official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses where you can download literature, watch promotional videos, or read the latest JW news with a pro-Watchtower spin.
JW BroadcastingThe official website of Jehovah's Witnesses' broadcasting channel. Featuring audio, streaming and video-on-demand.
Watchtower Online Library - Searchable archive of Watchtower literature published from 2000 onwards.