"Royal Commission" in Canada? Take action!

Canadian Exjw's:

If you'd like to see a Royal Commission here you can help with just a few clicks.

We are doing a mass letter writing campaign across Canada to local MP's to have an Inquiry here in Canada to investigate JW's mishandling of child sexual abuse cases. (like the ARC)

We're providing sample letters for ease (or you can write your own or edit) 

All you have to do is:

1. Click on the link below to find the MP near you to find the name and email. 

2. Download the letter you want to use (there are two different letters to choose from. Only one can be posted with this message, but both will be in the "Files" section of this group) and add in your local MP's name, fill in any blanks and add your name at the end. 

3. Send to your MP!
This will take just moments but you may very well be part of having our very own "Royal Commission" here in Canada!


Link: Sample 1
Link: Sample 2
Link: Sample 3